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London City Photography

London Streets

Collection of my instagram shots.

Fournier Street Whitechapel London

Neighbours on Fournier Street Whitechapel London

Commercial Tavern in Whitechapel London

Commercial Tavern in Whitechapel London

view from fenchurch street The City London

View from fenchurch street towards the Gherkin

Vinters Place on Southwark Bridge London

Vinters Place on Southwark Bridge London

Green  Stone Kings Road Chelsea London

Green & Stone Kings Road Chelsea

Mayfair West London Mount Street

Just off Mount Street Mayfair

Knightsbridge West London

Knightsbridge West London

Lloyds Building on Fenchurch Street London

Lloyd’s building off Fenchurch Street

offices in old warehouse in South London

South London offices in old warehouse.

Battersea Street Photography London

Battersea High Street

Hyde Park Corner London

Hyde Park Corner

Whitechapel back streets near Brick Lane London

Whitechapel back streets near Brick Lane London

London mews property in Mayfair

Hayes Mews Mayfair

Maddox Street Mayfair-lanes Browns West End London

Browns in Mayfair on Maddox Street

Clarges Mews Mayfair London

Clarges Mews Mayfair

Southampton Place London

Southampton Place

Southwark Bridge London

Southwark Bridge

corporate-photographer-grantly © Grantly Lynch

City Photographer

Portrait photography in The City London by photographer Grantly Lynch

City Photography Portfolio by Grantly Lynch

I work in London as a City photographer with over 20 years experience.

My passion is capturing contemporary business portraits. If you would like to commission me or have any questions please call Grant on 07831 366136 or email

Portrait photographer working in The City.

As a City Photographer I have been lucky to have a good supply of commissions in The City and have enjoyed working with many of my London clients. Recently I have been reviewing some of my City photography and looking back on photographic shoots. It has been very interesting to see some of my past work and apply some of my recent photography techniques. When reviewing past commissions I find that some of the images that were originally discounted I can now see possibilities. Many of my City portraits which were shot for magazines or brochures were taken to fit a certain formant or to meet an art director’s brief. When I review these now I do not have any restrictions and therefore can rework these photographs to fit my current City photography portfolio.

City photographer Grantly Lynch @ The London Stock Exchange

I took this photograph at a City event whilst walking between two of the event rooms. This is at the London Stock Exchange, where they have a large glass atrium, so you can see the latest City updates. In the past reflections would have been a big problem with a shot like this, but after editing the image, the reflections seem to add to ‘The City’ atmosphere.

City photographer. Corporate portraits by Grantly Lynch

This was taken on a trading floor in The City. I have cropped this photograph to exclude some other people who were on the edges of the image. City photographers love to capture the ‘time zones’ as these have come to be City icons. I have other frames from this commission that have the subject more animated, but I like the thoughtful pose and the use of space.

Corporate portraits in The City by photographer Grantly Lynch

Working as a City photographer I am often faced with offices that all start to look the same (with some wonderful exceptions) and endless computer screens. To make my City photography different I focus on the people and allow their individual characters to bring variety, giving each client a unique set of portraits.

City photographer Grantly Lynch. Corporate portraits

Corporate portrait of a City lawyer in a meeting. I liked the intensity of his conversation. Made him look very professional.

City photography by London photographer Grantly Lynch

This portrait was taken on the Millenium Bridge for Citywire magazine. This was a serious of photographs around The City, some were shot as portrait format for the front cover and other, like this one, were shot in a landscape format to illustrate the article. They did not use this shot in the magazine as it did not fit the format of the article but they used the other city photographs taken around St Paul’s. I really like this city portrait because of the strong vertical lines made by the bridge’s handrails and they way it combines the modern with the classical elements of The City.

City photography by portrait photography Grantly Lynch

As a City photographer if you can get your subject to feel relaxed in front of the camera, you can keep the portrait very simple as they will look calm and confident.

Office photography in The City by Grantly Lynch

I originally edited this office photograph out of my City photography portfolio as I was not sure it really said that much about City life. It did not seem to be a portrait or have a City theme to it. But I like the feel of the photograph, it is a interesting composition and has a totally unposed feel to it.

City photography by photographer Grantly Lynch

Reworking this photograph of a City trader allowed me to intensify the colours and the contrast which adds to the tension.

City photographer Grantly Lynch @ The London Stock Exchange

This was a recent City photograph was taken in the new London Stock Exchange. The light in some areas is pretty low though so I used some photoshop techniques to tweek the levels and bring a rather flat photograph to life. One of the things enjoy as a City Photographer is the variety of locations within The City. From very old historic buildings to the most modern architecture in London, they all provide different lighting which you have to take into to consideration when planning your workflow.

City photography by portrait photographer Grantly Lynch

This was taken as part of a rebranding campaign for a asset management company. The client had just moved into a new building in The City and I had a whole empty floor to shoot all their corporate portraits. This was a real bonus as most City photographers have very limited space to shoot portraits, but for once I could use all the available space to compose my portraits, and the clients felt very relaxed.

Corporate photography in The City by London photographer Grantly Lynch

This photograph was originally too dark and rather flat as I had shot through two internal glass windows and into a poorly lit office. After reworking the image it now is a good example of City Photography.

© City Photographer Grantly Lynch 07831 366136 or email

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